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What is the average turn around?

7 Business days is our standard. But we can do it faster if needed.

Will Solar Graphics come to us?

Yes, for a fee, we will outfit your group and deal with everything.  (Popular for Big Events and Registrations)

What types of payments do you accept?

Cash Check, or Charge. (We’re a PCI Certified Company)

Do you do design work in house?

Yes we do. We have 2 artists who are more than willing to sit down and talk with you, to create the perfect logo. We love to talk to people to get best perspective on what you’re looking for. Give us a call!

I want All USA made products, can you do that?

Not only do we love that, it makes us smile. Let us know if you’re looking for this.

Why are the most popular products?

We can print on about anything under the sun … but here are our favorite & most common products.

Most Economical T-Shirt: Gildan 5000 – The most popular T-Shirt on the planet. Heavyweight cotton, and very affordable.

Best 50/50 T-Shirt: Gildan 8000 – This shirt is tagless and very popular with sports team. Very Durable T-Shirt!

Softest T-Shirt: Bella 3001 C – One of the softest shirt made today. A favorite for people who appreciate extra soft cotton.

Most Popular Hoody: Gildan 185 – It’s medium weight 100% cotton Hoody with Drawstrings. Very Popular

Heaviest Hoody: Fruit of the Loom Super-Cotton 12 ounce – Fluffy, Thick, and Cozy. More Expensive, but people LOVE this hoody!

Softest Hoody: Bella Canvas Sponge Fleece – Super soft and very cozy. A step above in softness. You’ll want to live in it!

Best Dri-Fit T: Gildan 460 – An super soft Dri-Fit material with a huge range of colors and sizes. Excellent Durability!

Best Dri-Fit Hoody: Holloway – Their Dri-Fit Material is amazing. Very Smooth and Comfortable. Very Athletic Choices.

Some of our more popular brands are: Columbia, Under Armor, Nike, Holloway, Gildan, Hanes, Bella-Canvas, and many more.

Can I choose my own clothing?

CHOOSING YOUR CLOTHING:  If you are looking to choose your own clothing, you can goto the following website and choose the types of clothing that you want.  We deal with the largest clothing manufacturers in the world.  These companies have excellent world class reputations and their websites are very easy to use.  They carry millions of items from t-shirt, to hoodies, to socks, hats, bags, and winter coats.  They have everything you can imagine.  They also carry hundreds of brands.  It can be overwhelming, so if you have a question, give us a call! 810-231-2440p>

Are there any limitations in what can be embroidered?
Here are some but not all of the limitations that exist in the computerized embroidery machine process: 

  • Lettering in your logo cannot be smaller than .25 of an inch (.25″).
  • By far the most common limitation is font size.  Most designers create logos the size of their monitor screen and then are very surprised when the logo is unrecognizable when for example, it’s shrunk to fit on a corner of a business card.  Any lettering smaller than .25″ will not embroider cleanly and will be impossible to read if embroidered.
  • “Hair Lines” are not achievable with embroidery.
  • Hair lines are very thin lines used to create fine detail in graphics.  Embroidery thread is much thicker than a hair line so any hair line in a graphic will appear much thicker with embroidery.  Too many hair lines too close together will create a solid element appearance when embroidered.  It’s like trying to draw really fine detail on a pencil drawing with a thick marker.
  • Outlines cannot be achieved with lettering that is less than three quarters of an inch in height (.75″).
  • Designers love to outline lettering of all shapes and sizes.  Although this may work really nice on a computer screen, it will not translate very well with thread and needles.  If you put too many stitches really close together, the design looks really “muddy” and does not stitch well.
  • Logos with a lot of detail cannot be embroidered really small, they must be simplified and some detail will be lost along the way.
  • So, you have a detailed design of the Statue of Liberty and it looks really nice on your computer at eight inches in height but you want to have it embroidered on the side of a cap at 1.25″ in height.  That’s not going to work. The logo must be simplified to accommodate the smaller size and detail will be lost.
  • The recommendation here is to have you print the detailed graphic on paper at the actual size you want to have it embroidered.  If it looks “muddy” on paper, it will look alot worse embroidered.
  • This is a common problem with City Logos, such as the City of Los Angeles Crest logo.  These type of logos are usually made up of a collection of smaller graphics within it.  Logos like these can be digitized with all that detail, just not 2″ in height or smaller.  A logo like this would need to be around a minimum of 3.5″ in height in order to achieve desired detail.  Anything smaller, you start to simplify the logo and some detail gets lost.
  • Gradients cannot be achieved on small logos.
  • Gradients and fading effects may give your logo that “wow” factor but this effect cannot be achieved with embroidery unless you are making a larger logo.  Remember that we are re-creating your logo with thread, not with ink so achieving that really cool “fading” effect that goes from yellow to orange and then to red on a left chest polo shirt design will not be possible.
  • For smaller logos such as on the left chest of a polos shirt, gradient fading effects will be made solid.
  • Photo quality, realistic true-to-life expectations are not reasonable with embroidery.
  • Please remember that we are reproducing your logo with thread and needles, not with a digital printer laying down ink on paper.  A printer can print photo quality images, an embroidery machine cannot embroider photo quality images.  We can certainly digitize the photo quality image and embroider it, it’s just not going to look like it was printed with a laser printer.

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